UK government's Video Games Tax Relief extended into 2023

TIGA rejoices, then tells government it needs to step up

UK government's Video Games Tax Relief extended into 2023

The European Commission has extended the UK's Video Games Tax Relief until March 31st 2023.

The VGTR was first introduced back in April 2014. It reduces the cost of developing games in the UK if the developers can prove that it fits in with the British culture, and benefits Britain in some way.

So far in 2017, the VGTR has supported the development of 161 games. Budgets on these games totalled £160 million.

Continued support

"We are delighted that Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) is continuing to be such a success, supporting a gaming sector which is leading the charge in the UK creative industries," said Richard Wilson, CEO of UK games trade body TIGA.

"With the advent of Brexit, it is more important than ever for the UK Government to retain and potentially enhance Video Games Tax Relief, strengthen education and training and enable businesses to continue to recruit highly skilled people from the EU and the rest of the world."

As of July 2017, it was found that the VGTR had paid out over £119 million to developers since it began. £73 million of this was paid out for the scheme's 2016/17 period.


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