Rodeo Stampede races past 100 million downloads

Still holding onto one million DAUs

Rodeo Stampede races past 100 million downloads

Featherweight Games and Yodo1's Rodeo Stampede – Sky Zoo Safari has now surpassed 100 million downloads since launching worldwide in September 2016.

The game has maintained a steady one million DAUs as it has grown. Featherweight has also continually updated the game with six new areas and over 200 animals to use.

Exciting and humbling

"It's been very exciting and humbling to see how much Rodeo Stampede has grown since its worldwide release in September 2016," said Dylan Bevis, Developer and Co-Founder of Featherweight Games.

"We are extremely grateful to our players, and look forward to bringing even more fun things to Rodeo Stampede in the future."

Rodeo Stampede cleared 80 million downloads back in August 2017, suggesting it currently has a rate of around 7 million downloads a month. At the time, the team was planning to add mythical creatures into the mix.


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