The Big Indie Pitch is heading to Dundee and Colchester

Last chances for developers to get their games in front of mobile gaming experts in 2017

The Big Indie Pitch is heading to Dundee and Colchester

There has been a frankly ridiculous number of Big Indie Pitches this year, taking place all over the world in the UK, US, Jordan, South Korea, and more.

But we're not done just yet - we've still found time to sneak in two more events before 2017 is out, with one in Dundee on November 30th and the last in Colchester on December 14th.

So if you're a UK-based developer, or just really want to take part, then you've still got time to get your game in front of a panel of industry experts and potentially win some fabulous prizes - and it's totally free to enter.

It's like speed dating, but for games

The Big Indie Pitch set-up is simple – developers get four minutes to pitch their games to the judges, before moving on to the next group and doing it all over again.

It's a unique chance to get your game in the hands of major players in the industry, as well as getting immediate feedback from them while you're at it.

And if the judges approve of your game, you could win a range of fabulous prizes, including promotional packages across Pocket Gamer, AppSpy, 148 Apps and more.

Not sure if your game's eligible? Well:

  • You can pitch games for mobile, handheld, mobile VR, and even for smartwatches.
  • You can pitch your game even if you've pitched it at a previous BIP.
  • We prefer to see unreleased games, though we're happy to see games that are out too.
  • Your game doesn’t have to be completed, as we welcome games in development.
  • One submission only per developer/team.
  • There's still time to apply to take part in the Dundee  event! (Entry details below)
  • The deadline for the Colchester BIP is December 11th (entry details below). However, space is limited so the sooner you enter the more likely you are of being shortlisted
  • Oh, and it's completely free to enter and/or spectate!

Let's play

If you want to take part in the Dundee event, then you need to be fast! Submissions close at midnight on November 20th, so make sure you head to the REGISTRATION PAGE straight away and throw your hat in the ring.

Or if you want to just come along and spectate, you can grab a free ticket and come to The Gaming Room at Abertay Student Centre on November 30th to see the games and meet the developers. Thanks to our sponsors at Amazon, Tag Games, Jagex, and Abertay University!

If you need a little more time to prepare, then consider our Colchester Big Indie Pitch. You've got until December 11th to apply for the event, so be sure to check out the event's REGISTRATION PAGE and get your game in there.

And if you're just looking to hang out with some other mobile developers and see some cool games, you can grab a free spectactor ticket, and swing by The Games Hub in Colchester, Essex on December 14th.

Whichever one you attend, it's guaranteed to be a good time, with plenty of chance to chat to other developers, play some interesting upcoming games, and chill out in general.

So whether you're pitching or spectacting, either in Dundee or Colchester, we look forward to seeing you there!


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