PG Connects Advent Day Six: ZPLAY, Snap, DeltaDNA, Exit Games, Outfit7, Google confirmed for new Developer Toolkit track

Latest addition for 2018 conference content focuses on core aspects of successfully making mobile games

PG Connects Advent Day Six: ZPLAY, Snap, DeltaDNA, Exit Games, Outfit7, Google confirmed for new Developer Toolkit track

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of cheer.

The schedule for our conference on January 22nd to 23rd is currently undergoing final polish before we're able to push it out of the workshop.

But that doesn't stop us opening the doors a little and allowing you a quick peak inside.

And currently hanging on a crane, about to be lowered into position, is our shiny, shiny Developer Toolkit track. This 'brand new for 2018' addition to the agenda centres deliberately on the central processes involved in mobile game development by dividing its attention across:

  • BUSINESS – From success stories detailing the processes and decisions taken, to how to calculate a game's lifetime value, working with a major publisher for international reach, or why the use of analytics can transform your fortunes
  • DESIGN & PRODUCTION – Understand the importance of a solid production plan, UX design, the role of audio, overcoming design challenges, narrative knowhow and more
  • LIVE OPS – Planning your live operation has become no less crucial than planning your game which makes knowing the strategy and techniques that can make the difference essential
  • MARKETING – Practical advice on crafting campaigns that give you results, getting the inside track how to maximise networking, or learning how to work with the press to boost your media coverage

Providing expert insight on the above will be representatives from ZPLAY, Snapchat, Outfit7, Google, DeltaDNA, Player Research, MobOwlFluffy Fairy Games, Exit Games, Playfab, Aalto Executive Education, Dimoso, Staffordshire University, Amazon, and more.

That's all our glimpse will confirm for the moment, but a full schedule breakdown of this and the other 11 tracks (featuring 100 sessions, 120 speakers and 45 hours of content) will follow soon.

For now, we have an at-a-glance breakdown of PCG London 2018's content as well as an 'overview' style schedule live to keep you ticking over.

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