Animoca gets revenue boost for Crazy Kings with AppOnboard's Rewarded Demo zones

Developer trial new playable ad format

Date Type Companies involved Size
December 7th, 2017 partnership Animoca Brands
Not disclosed
Animoca gets revenue boost for Crazy Kings with AppOnboard's Rewarded Demo zones

Interactive ads developer AppOnboard has worked with with mobile game developer Animoca to integrate a new playable ad called "Rewarded Demo zones".

The new type of ad integrated into Animoca's tower defence game Crazy Kings. The playables were initially placed amongst rewarded video ads, but the companies found that by creating a dedicated zone for these rewarded playable 'demos', revenues rose.

The experiment led to a 2.5x increase in Animoca's eCPM for Crazy Kings.

A whole new world

"Just as in the early days of mobile when Rewarded Video provided a whole new revenue stream for gaming and app developers, AppOnboard has taken monetization to new heights by introducing industry first Rewarded Demos," said AppOnboard CEO Jonathan Zweig.

"Furthermore, by partnering with Animoca Brands in Crazy Kings, we were able to prove that to generate the highest revenue and best performance, these Full-Fidelity Demos need their own separate dedicated placements within apps.

"The most successful gaming and app developers are maximising their revenue by creating dedicated Rewarded Demo zones - and the results are stunning."

AppOnboard has been nominated in the Best Advertising & UA category in our upcoming Mobile Game Awards. You can see the full list of nominees here.


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