PG Connects Advent Day Eight: Discover the way to financial success

Let Sisu Game Ventures, Agnitio, Nitro Games, FunPlus, LVP and friends show you the way in reworked PGC London 2018 track

PG Connects Advent Day Eight: Discover the way to financial success

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of Baileys (on the rocks).

Ever wondered why those who tell you money won't make you happy are typically those who are able to view the boat they moor at Monaco's harbour from their living room?

It's almost as if they don't want anyone to know their secret.

Well, at we believe in wealth redistribution which is why PG Connects has traditionally run a 'Show Me The Money' track to cover the various routes to investment.

But for PGC London 2018 we're re-engineering things to also add a more practical side to further provide insight that will make a genuine difference to mobile game developers in the audience.

So while we have top-level focus on 'how to raise $10M' from Sisu Game Ventures's Samuli Syvähuoko, or look at the M&A within the mobile gaming space with Shum Singh of Agnitio Capital, before discussing asset purchases as a strategic option for studios courtesy of FunPlus's Shanti Bergel, we're going broader still.

It's why Nitro Games CEO Jussi Tähtinnen is sharing his experience of becoming a publicly listed indie, Romain Scheider and Mark Peterson of Janeious reveal how to succeed with community development, and Rocket Lolly's Ella Romanos runs through the grants and tax breaks savvy mobile game developers should be aware of.

And to wrap things up you can expect the likes of Paul Heydon (London Venture Partners), Jim Ying (CV Capital), Pieter van der Pijl (InFinCapital) and more to get into a lively debate on the latest investment trends and how understanding these can help boost a studio's development potential.

Come along (the Mid Term ticket rate is on its last days), listen attentively, and who knows? That French Riviera lifestyle may be only a few smart decisions away.

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.