Apple adds pre-orders and introductory subscription discounts to the App Store

Drum up support for your app or game earlier

Apple adds pre-orders and introductory subscription discounts to the App Store

Apple has launched a new feature on the App Store which allows developers to open up their games and apps for pre-order.

Developers can now create a product page for their upcoming game 90 days before it goes live on the service. Users can then purchase the game ahead of time and have it download automatically to their device on release day.

Customers won't be charged until the game actually launches, and can cancel their pre-order at any time. Developers can also change the date and pricing of the app right up until launch day. Customers will pay the cheapest amount that the app was available at from the time they pre-ordered.

A cheaper start

Apps will still need to be approved by Apple before a pre-order page can be made. Developers can push out updates before the app goes live, but these will also need to go through the approval process.

Apple also added introductory prices for subscriptions to its suite of features. Apps and games can offer a free trial or lower initial rate for subscriptions, before increasing the price to its original value after a set time.

Subscriptions came to the App Store back in September 2016. Google has already beaten Apple to the punch with introductory prices, which were added to Google Play in November 2016.


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