Intel hits back against widespread CPU bug reports

CPUs from Intel, ARM and AMD all affected by a potential security exploit

Intel hits back against widespread CPU bug reports

Games hardware giant Intel has responded to recent reports of a bug and flaw in its CPUs.

This bug has the potential to let malicious programmes read protected memory, with two attack vectors - Meltdown and Spectre - being discovered. The former only seems to affect Intel CPUs, with reports that the latter is on all three.

Working together?

In a post on its newsroom area, Intel said that these exploits can't corrupt, modify or delete data. Furthermore, Intel struck out at the notion that these issues were limited to its chips, saying that AMD and ARM hardware are also vulnerable.

These companies are apparently all working together to resolve these problems, but AMD has said that its CPUs aren't affected, only for whitepapers to come out via detailing how the Spectre attack vector has been seen working on CPUs from all three firms.

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