Spyr Games reveals plans for "blockchain universe" in mobile MMO Pocket Starships

Buy planets, pay Spyr upkeep costs

Spyr Games reveals plans for "blockchain universe" in mobile MMO Pocket Starships

Colorado-based mobile games publisher Spyr Games has revealed plans to implement blockchain technology into its flagship MMO space shooter Pocket Starships.

The implementation will see a new "Blockchain Universe" added to the game. The universe will contain unique planets which exist on the blockchain and can be purchased by players.

Because these planets exist on the blockchain, players can then trade and sell them with others, and potentially use them in other games. Spyr will take a percentage of the purchase price in sales and trades, as well as charge upkeep for the planets.

Space to grow

"I believe that we have come up with a very exciting way to implement Blockchain technology both within and beyond Pocket Starships," said SPYR CEO and President James Thompson.

"The ability to own a planet that creates in-game resources is something that will appeal to our players and keeping the planet on the blockchain will allow SPYR to work with other developers and publishers to have the planets exist in any number of space-themed games."

Spyr acquired Pocket Starships and its developer Spectacle Games back in September 2017 in a cashless deal. The developer has also signed a publishing deal with US developer Reset Studios for at least two new idle games.


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