Peter Vesterbacka and David Helgason discuss the future of the games industry

China, VR, AR, and the film industry all get talked about

Peter Vesterbacka and David Helgason discuss the future of the games industry

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018, Steel Media's own Chris James led a fireside chat with Lightneer co-founder Peter Vesterbacka and former Unity CEO David Helgason on the future of the games industry.

"It's clear that China is the biggest market," noted Vesterbacka, adding that to understand what's happening in games around the world, you absolutely have to understand what's happening in China.

"If you don't spend a few hours thinking about China, you're stupid," added Helgason, who also stated that premium games are starting to see a boom in China, particularly on Steam.

Damn slow VR

On the topic of VR, Helgason said that "there will never be a time again where VR headsets are not for sale," but also noted that the roll-out of the technology is moving "damn slow".

Vesterbacka echoed this sentiment, suggesting that the industry has "created the illusion of demand" for VR tech, and that current VR experiences lack anything that keeps players "addicted".

As for Nintendo's recently announced Labo project, Vesterbacka said that "Nintendo have the clout and the presence to do that kind of thing," highlighting the company's previous experience in offering new and strange experiences that often achieve success.

Helgason weighed in on the topic of the crossover potential between the film industry and the games industry, saying that as the games technology improves, and VR and AR become more prevalent, the film industry is looking to games as a new avenue and we could see more crossover between the two industries.


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