Snapchat emerges as key player for high ROIs in mobile marketing on iOS

Facebook, Unity and Google Adwords still on top

Snapchat emerges as key player for high ROIs in mobile marketing on iOS

Snapchat has emerged as a key player in mobile marketing and has become one of the top platforms in terms of ROI on iOS in 2017.

This is according to Singular, which has released its yearly ROI Index studying the performance of mobile marketing platforms across Android and iOS in terms of their ability to deliver a return on investment.

Snapchat jumped into 15th place on the overall iOS charts for ROI, and 6th place for non-gaming ROI specifically. It did not place on any charts relating to Android.

Still on top

The top three advertisers on iOS for gaming were Facebook, Unity and Google Adwords. This changes only slightly on Android, with Adwords taking the top spot, while Facebook and Unity take second and third.

Overall, Google Adwords took first place on the Android ROI chart, with Facebook placing second. The iOS chart saw roles reversed, with Facebook on top and Adwords taking second.

Games companies are likely to find higher ROIs on iOS, which saw 1.2x higher returns than Android. However, Android is closing the gap, having grown ROIs 8% since 2016.


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