Ad mediation platform Appodeal introduces in-app header bidding

Parallel Bidding currently in alpha testing

Ad mediation platform Appodeal introduces in-app header bidding

Ad mediation platform Appodeal has launched an in-app header bidding service called Parallel Bidding.

Part of the Appodeal SDK, Parallel Bidding works as a unified auction designed to find the highest paying ad across all the demand sources in real-time.

Real-time bids

The idea is that by getting ad networks to bid in real-time, publishers can get better deals. The company said that advertisers will have to compete harder from having all the publishers’ inventory at their disposal, enabling publishers to “monetise the inventory lost to inconsistency”.

The tech is currently in alpha testing to a select number of users, but will eventually be released to all.

“We believe that parallel bidding technology is the next big thing in mobile in-app advertising,” said Appodeal CEO Pavel Golubev.

“Also, we are certain that developers have the right to clearly understand what’s happening inside their apps and have control over it. Thus, parallel bidding naturally aligns with our publishers’ and partners’ goals and requests.

“Even though parallel bidding is quite a new solution that has not been proven by years of experience yet, its value for the industry cannot be underestimated.”

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