Tapjoy ad platform reaches 620 million monthly active users

Rewarded video ad views grow 150 per cent year-over-year

Tapjoy ad platform reaches 620 million monthly active users

Tapjoy's ads platform now reaches around 620 million monthly active users, the company claims.

Total views for its rewarded ads have grown 150 per cent year-over-year while unique viewers have also spiked up 95 per cent.

Last year the company added around 9,700 apps from approximately 1,900 publishers to its platform.

Tapped up

In 2017 Tapjoy released several new additions to its Interplay Ad Suite for mobile value exchange advertising, as well as new features for Offerwall Plus, including custom exchange rates, permanent currency sales and new customisation tools.

“It’s no coincidence that 2017 was Tapjoy’s best year ever,” said Tapjoy chief revenue officer Shannon Jessup.

“We have been pioneering the media value exchange model for over a decade, and have recently seen many of the world’s most influential brands embrace it in the same way that app publishers have for years.

“We believe that the industry is rapidly coming around to the fact that this quality-driven model offers the most value for all parties involved: consumers gain more control over their ad experiences; advertisers get better quality performance, transparency and accountability; and app publishers generate more revenue.”

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