Facebook Instant Games opens up to all developers

Platform rolls out with ads-based monetisation, ads optimisation and measurement tools and cross-promotion features

Facebook Instant Games opens up to all developers

Following extensive testing Facebook has opened up its Instant Games platform to all developers.

Instant Games are titles that can be accessed through Facebook Messenger and the News Feed on both mobile and PC. Unlike with regular mobile apps, these games do not require a download to play.

To date more than 200 games have been developed for the platform, including from the likes of Zynga, Game Closure, King, Spil Games, FRVR and many more.

New features

New recently added features to the platform following the beta period include ads-based monetisation such as interstitial and rewarded video ads, ads optimisation and measurement tools, the ability to cross-promote within the Instant Games platform through the Game Switch API, and more.

Facebook Instant Games now supports ads-based monetisation

One upcoming new feature is an ad unit for user acquisition, enabling developers to pick up new users across the social network. In-app purchases are also currently going under limited testing.

To help game makers get to grips with Instant Games, Facebook has released developer documentation.

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