Google Play reveals a slew of new mobile game advertising features

Rewarded video, playables and open bidding heading to Google Play and the company's services

Google Play reveals a slew of new mobile game advertising features

Google Play has revealed a host of new advertising features through its AdWords and AdMob services aimed at giving developers new marketing options to reach users.

One of these new features will be video ads on the Google Play store. These are placed on the store page along with game download suggestions and can be used by developers running Universal App Campaigns.

Google is also trying to make it easier for publishers to reach targeted audiences. To that end, it's introduced new features for UAC that let developers share user data with Google, which will then find players like those already playing your game.

Called 'similar audiences, the new feature will begin its beta in May 2018.

Ad-itional revenue

AdMob meanwhile has revealed two new rewarded ad types for developers that will roll out over the next few months - playable ads and multiple-option video ads.

Google also unveiled a new beta for Open Bidding that will let networks to bid to serve ads in a developer’s app simultaneously in a single unified auction.

The goal is to increase competition and then, in theory, increase revenue while also producing simplified and meaningful performance reports.

Open Bidding is currently live with bids from Smaato, Index Exchange and OpenX.

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