Epic Games to boost support for mobile developers with Unreal Engine 4

A host of improvements and features revealed at State of Unreal opening session at GDC

Epic Games to boost support for mobile developers with Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games unveiled a host of updates and features to the Unreal Engine 4 at its State of Unreal opening session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

One of Unreal Engine 4’s main features is its ability to bring PC and console quality to mobile titles in the future, with Fornite’s recent port to mobile serving as a development sandbox to test the Unreal Engine 4’s capacity to do so.

The new engine will also feature a live record and replay feature so players can create their own highlight packages or view a previous game.

Games. Jobs. Beer.

Games developer Studio Willard was also on deck to reveal footage of upcoming free-to-play mobile port of Ark titled Ark: Survival Evolved, set to launch this Spring.

The port is being developed by War Drum Studios and will feature a single-player option alongside the studio’s better known online multiplayer survival mode.

Epic Games also hosted a networking and games preview event called ‘Games. Jobs. Beer.’ The event provided attendees with the opportunity to network with developers and recruiters while also trying out a host of games made by developers who used the Unreal Engine.

Pushkin Game Studio’s tank shooter Armoured Warfare Assault for Android and iOS was on show alongside Trypot Studio’s squad-based RPG M.A.D 8.

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