Crytek adopts Unreal Engine-like royalty-based business model for CryEngine

Firm to take five per cent of gross revenue following the first $5,000

Crytek adopts Unreal Engine-like royalty-based business model for CryEngine

Crytek is implementing a new royalty-based scheme for developers with the new CryEngine 5.5.

Studios will have to give up five per cent of gross revenues to Crytek after their $5,000 of income. If developers wish to continue using CryEngine 5-to-5.4 and not upgrade, they can apply for a royalty exemption.

There will also be an enterprise tier for royalty buyouts and custom support packages, but developers won’t be able to access the editor source code.

Certifiable proficiency

Crytek is also introducing a certification program consisting of artist, designer and programmer certifications.

The Technical Artist Certification recognises proficiency in digital visual arts, the Designer Certification rewards knowledge of how to use the editor, and the Programmer Certification tests core development in both of the codebases.

Onboarding and usability

“CryEngine 5.5 represents our focus on usability and onboarding with the editor toolset and engine codebase," said CryEngine product manager Collin Bishop.

"The arrival of the CryEngine Certification Program, revamped documentation, and new editor source code allows for developers worldwide to work uninhibited with the CryEngine toolset, within a model that provides a price-point for all sizes of teams.”

There are over 260 improvements and fixes in the 5.5 update including integration for both Steam and PSN networks, and a new cURL integration for HTTPS.

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