Capcom Vancouver shuts down Puzzle Fighter

Goes offline for good on July 1st

Capcom Vancouver shuts down Puzzle Fighter

Capcom Game Studio Vancouver has shelved its mobile title Puzzle Fighter despite only launching worldwide in November.

The game will be removed from app stores on July 1st, though  will remain playable until July 31st when the servers are taken offline.

In-app purchases will be disabled as of April 23rd. Existing in-game currency already purchased by players can be spent in-game before the server is shut down for good.

Capcom did not say whether users would be able to receive refunds for their purchases.

Final freebies

All current users are being given 10,000 in-game gems - the game’s currency. Various characters such as Regina, Dr. Wily and Ada Wong, as well as certain stages, are also being made available for free.

The title’s soundtrack meanwhile has been released to stream online for free on SoundCloud.

A statement from Capcom said the team would now be dedicating its focus to the Dead Rising franchise, which could suggest the Vancouver studio is moving away from mobile development completely.

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