PUBG Mobile’s first week revenues on iOS only a fifth of Fortnite’s

Players outside of China spent $700,000 in its first week of monetisation

PUBG Mobile’s first week revenues on iOS only a fifth of Fortnite’s

Tencent's mobile port of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ first week revenues on iOS equated to a fifth of Fortnite’s outside of China, according to a recent report by Sensor Tower.

The mobile intelligence firm estimated that players outside China spent approximately $700,000 on the iOS version of PUBG Mobile during its first week with IAPs available.

That figure was around than one-fifth of the estimated $3.7 million spent in Fortnite during its initial seven days on Apple’s platform. In all, PUBG Mobile is estimated to have earned about $1 million in its first week across both platforms outside China.

The majority of PUBG Mobile’s revenue, 48 per cent, came from players in the US. Other top countries by revenue were Thailand (seven per cent), Great Britain (five per cent), Canada (four per cent), and Russia (three per cent).

Victory royale

By the time PUBG Mobile began monetising on the App Store it had already been installed by approximately 22 million iOS players outside China.

By comparison, Fortnite had 3.7 million downloads during its first seven days but had limited accessibility due to being invite-only on launch.

“Fortnite is more popular on PC and console than PUBG at present and that, coupled with the fact that purchases made in the game on mobile carry over to other platforms’ versions, may be helping its iOS revenue,” said Sensor Tower head of mobile insights Randy Nelson.

“There’s also the possibility that the way Epic Games has structured its purchases may be giving Fortnite a leg up on its biggest competitor. It offers limited-time costumes and set daily items that players can purchase outright, as opposed PUBG Mobile’s primary use of loot boxes that produce random (and often duplicate) items when opened by players.”

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