Fortnite Mobile hits $50 million in revenue on iOS

Player spending increased 293 per cent following the launch of season four

Fortnite Mobile hits $50 million in revenue on iOS

Fortnite Mobile has brought in $50 million in revenue on iOS since its March 15th launch, according to mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

Revenues received a considerable boost from the start of season four with player spending growing 293 per cent on May 1st versus the preceding Tuesday.

Alongside a host of new cosmetics the season also brought back its $10 Battle Pass which gifts players various skins, emotes and other cosmetics upon levelling up.

“Epic Games has already started rolling out additional season four content, including new character skins which are each only available for a limited time,” said Sensor Tower head of mobile insights Randy Nelson.

“This approach of selling items for a specific period of time only, versus traditional randomised loot boxes, has worked to the tune of $1 million in player spending per day on average so far in the mobile version of Fortnite alone.”

Even Thanos is playing Fortnite

Fortnite’s popularity was boosted recently after Epic Games struck a limited time deal with Disney to have Marvel Infinity Wars baddie Thanos appear in the battle royale title as a power-up.

Looking forward, Fortnite could be set for even loftier heights with a launch in China on the books, alongside an Android release.

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