Bidalgo launches support for playable ads on Facebook

San Francisco-based company also offering free ad production for its fully managed clients

Bidalgo launches support for playable ads on Facebook

Ad software and services provider Bidalgo has launched support for playable ads on Facebook.

The San Francisco-based company’s suite of products and services includes creative design and production along with AI-based media buying for targeting and placement.

It also includes creative analytics tools that show how assets’ performance measures up against other ads in the same industry.

As well as Facebook, Bidalgo’s suite of services also now support playables for Google universal app campaigns.

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“We are extremely proud to serve as a trusted marketing partner for Facebook as they roll out this important and increasingly popular ad format,” said Bidalgo CEO Peli Beeri (pictured).

“Our clients have seen promising results with playables on Facebook already and through other channels as well, and our goal is to give them the tools and resources they need to not only get up and running quickly, but to master the format so that they drive performance to take their apps to the top of the charts.”

The announcement follows Facebook testing playable ads on its news feed, which can be used to market mobile games.

The social networking platform is hoping to take advantage of the popularity of playable and video ads on its site to better tune its targeted ads for users, as video ads made up more than half of the entire app ad spend on Facebook in 2017.

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