Project management tool Hansoft goes free for small indies

Available for teams of up to five

Project management tool Hansoft goes free for small indies

Perforce Software has introduced a new Indie Studio Pack that grants free access for small indie development teams to its tools.

Both its version control tool Helix Core and agile project management software Hansoft are now free to use for teams of up to five.

Studios that grow to more than five will also have new pricing packages they can licence.


“[Indie game developers] told us that what they end up doing is using free project management software they find online - and there’s a lot of it these days - but that those tools aren’t really built for game developers,” said Perforce GM Nico Krüger.

“They now have access to the same version control and project management tools used by triple-A game studios.”

Perforce acquired agile planning and project toolset Hansoft in September 2017 for an undisclosed sum.

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