Games accelerator Stugan welcomes 21 developers in 2018 line-up

The programme has aimed to double down on diversity with this year’s crop

Games accelerator Stugan welcomes 21 developers in 2018 line-up

Swedish games accelerator creator Stugan has revealed it will be taking on 21 participants for its 2018 games accelerator programme.

This year’s programme welcomes developers from 11 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ghana, Australia and New Zealand.

Stugan will run from June 25th until August 11th and will provide support, skills development along with a sense of community to its participants over those weeks and beyond.

The participants’ games touch on a range of platforms, mechanics and artistic styles. Genres include everything from an underwater adventure game, a folklore-inspired exploration puzzler and a creature-building neuroscience game created by a neurobiologist and self-taught games developer.

Welcome to the gang

Stugan has also welcomed some new sponsors and contributors to the mix such as Unity founder David Helgason, Paradox Interactive COO Susana Meza Graham and Favro CEO Patric Palm.

They join such names as Steel Media’s Chris James, Resolution Games’ Tommy Palm and Fast Travel Games’ Oskar Burman.

“We are so happy that 2018 marks our most diverse set of applicants yet,” said Stugan manager Jana Palm.

“We had another record-breaking year of submissions and our final participants are nearly half female and from all walks of life around the globe. This is a great sign for the widespread growth of inclusiveness coming to the industry.”

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