Trading is finally coming to Pokemon Go two years after launch

It’s taken Niantic a long time to create a safe and stable system that doesn’t break balance

Trading is finally coming to Pokemon Go two years after launch

Pokemon Go players will finally be able to trade their prize catches with each other in the next few weeks.

Trading is joined by a new friendship feature that will roll out this week. Players can add each other using Trainer codes (similar to Nintendo’s own Friend Codes, but not linked).

Not only can friended Trainers check out each other’s activity and statistics, but they’ll be able to send gifts to each other.

Gotta trade 'em all

Importantly though, interacting with friends - through raiding or trading gifts - increases a friendship level. Increasing this level gives friends better attack benefits when battling together, but also ties into the upcoming trading system.

Once level 10 or above, players who have friended each other will be able to trade pokemon between each other by paying stardust and standing in close proximity.

For now, the maximum distance is 100 metres. The stardust cost is affected by player level, which can drastically reduce the price by tens of thousands of stardust.

Friendship level determines the rarity of pokemon friends will be able to trade. Legendaries and shinies can’t be tossed around by two Trainers who have just met - and even when both meet the requirements, special trades like these can only be performed once daily.

Trading isn’t the end-goal of Niantic’s friend system. The developer has spoken of future plans, with the potential for player-versus-player battling on the system on the system quite likely.

Pokemon Go returned to the top of the UK App Store charts this week, taking the number one grossing position from long-time king Candy Crush Saga.

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