Supercell teases Brawl Stars Android release

Could it suggest the MOBA-esque shooter is on its way to a full global launch?

Supercell teases Brawl Stars Android release

Update: Supercell has now confirmed the Brawl Stars Android release in certain countries.

Original story: Supercell has teased what could be the imminent release of Brawl Stars for Android.

The top-down MOBA-esque shooter has been live on the iOS App Store since June 15th 2017.

So far the soft launch has extended to Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

Supercell fans have long clamoured for a Google Play release of the title but after a year Supercell had not been so forthcoming about it, instead refining Brawl Stars’ gameplay.

But now the company has teased an image showing the shadow of the Android mascot, suggesting a Google Play launch is coming soon.

The shadow is the shape of the Android mascot

Will Brawl Stars make it to a full release?

It’s still unclear whether Supercell will give the game a full launch. While perhaps not the only indicator of a superhit in the making at this stage - a class of game that the Finnish studio focuses on - the title’s recent grossing rankings are well below its early days.

According to App Annie, as of June 24th Brawl Stars was ranked 60th in the top grossing games rankings in Canada and 126th in Finland.

Given the game’s apparent esports focus however it could be that Supercell has other indicators to judge Brawl Stars’ potential.

An Android release is certainly a positive sign that there's life in the game yet and it could be on its way to a full global launch.

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