King enters mid-core RPG market with newly launched game Legend of Solgard

The candy crush dev’s has previously failed to garner any traction with previous soft-launched midcore titles

King enters mid-core RPG market with newly launched game Legend of Solgard

King has released its first mid-core-RPG title Legend of Solgard on iOS and Android.

Developed by Stockholm-based developer Snowprint Studios, it combines classic elements of match-three gameplay with RPG elements.

The battle system is turn-based but see players matching small units to grow them and in-turn make them stronger before they attack the enemy team.

New heroes and units are also collectable and can be levelled up to deal more damage to AI and human players.

On top of that, the RPG also offers a social feature to players in the form of guilds.

I am legend

Snowprint Studios was initially founded by former King director of product Alexander Ekvall in 2015, who wanted to focus on producing free-to-play mid-core titles.

“Wow, what an incredible journey it’s been so far,” said Snowprint Studio’ game designer Egill Arnarsson on the studio's website.

“We’ve poured our hearts and souls into the development of this game and look forward to getting it into the hands of as many players as possible.

“And you know what? We’re just getting started.”

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