Liftoff reports women are buying in-app purchases 79 per cent more than men

The report also finds iOS users are harder to acquire but more valuable to get on board

Liftoff reports women are buying in-app purchases 79 per cent more than men

A report by marketing platform Liftoff has found that women have an install-to-app-purchase rate 79 per cent higher than men.

Liftoff’s 2018 Mobile Gaming Apps Report took in data from over 15 million installs of 350 mobile games between May 2017 - 2018. The study focussed on studying user acquisition costs, conversion rates, demographics and seasonal trends.

Besides the higher spend, Liftoff also found user acquisition for women costs 20.2 per cent less. Across genders and platforms, it costs an average of $3.75 to acquire a user.

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Acquiring a user install on iOS was found to be 60.4 per cent more than on Android, at $5.31. However, it costs roughly $5 less to get that user to purchase in-app transactions.

The report finds that iOS may generally be more profitable for developers. Apple’s conversion rate from installation to in-app purchasing is 21 per cent, almost double Android's 10.8 per cent rate.

North America sits with the highest cost-per-install at $4.66, followed by EMEA’s $2.63 and APAC’s $2.62. Russian users are expected to help EMEA narrow the gap, largely driven by Android users.

Closing out the report, Liftoff found that due to lower acquisition costs and higher engagement rates, the best time for mobile user acquisition is the January and February post-holiday period.

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