Bloodstained cans Vita port as Sony “plans to discontinue” the handheld

Sony’s handheld has stopped producing physical copies and the end of crucial store features

Bloodstained cans Vita port as Sony “plans to discontinue” the handheld

Koji Igarashi’s Kickstarter project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will no longer be coming to Playstation Vita.

Speaking in a backer update post, IGA explained that the platform was being dropped as Sony planned to discontinue the console. The game will also be delayed on all platforms to "2019".

According to the post, Sony is “ending production of physical copies” and taking down “certain online store support features.”

Moving on

Backers who had ordered Vita copies will soon receive an email asking if they’d like to switch to another version of the game, or otherwise accept a refund. Bloodstained will launch on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

505 Games brand manager Roberto Piraino added: “Being a huge PlayStation & Sony fan myself, I also know cancelling the Vita version of the game may be disappointing to some of you.”

“But with Sony’s plans to discontinue the console and physical production of games, removing Vita titles from PS+ lineups etc., it was an unfortunate but necessary decision to make.“

Vita production has already ceased worldwide, besides Japan. Game cart production will end by the close of Sony’s 2018 fiscal year - March 31st, 2019.

The publisher appears to have given up on handheld entirely and is looking to focus back on its console and mobile operations.

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