Lab Cave’s Fernando Garcia: “Our goal is to become the best ASO agency in the world"

App Store Optimisation agency celebrates 200 million organic downloads

Lab Cave’s Fernando Garcia: “Our goal is to become the best ASO agency in the world"

ASO company Lab Cave reached over 200 million organic downloads by the beginning of August.

Lab Cave provides ASO, Publishing and Mediation services focusing for mobile apps and games. We spoke to CEO and co-founder Fernando Garcia on what led the studio to this successful milestone.

“The two main keys are being able to iterate many times the ASO of our games, and have the necessary technology to be able to launch so many games in such a short time,” said Garcia.

“What differentiates us is having created a company that has launched more than 700 titles, more than 2000 updates and more than 3500 a / b tests.

“We are developers and we create products and services for developers. This is a key difference because it allows us to include our great experience in everything that we do.”

Optimal performance

Why is ASO - or App Store Optimisation - such a big deal, though? Garcia explains:

“Imagine a title like Subway Surfers, all traffic is organic - the ASO factor is always present and is a key factor for all developers who make money.

“If you do not have good ASO, you are missing a lot of revenue with your game.”

In the long term, Lab Cave has its sights set high. With the drive to become the “best ASO agency in the world”, I asked Garcia what steps he sees the company taking to reach those lofty ambitions.

“The first step is educational,” said Garcia. “Almost all large and medium companies do not have ASO profiles within their companies. We are working to demonstrate that the ASO is a key factor.

“The second step is to deconstruct the distrust that customers have about things they do not understand or about things that we cannot control. Decision makers of important gaming companies that we are currently working with are able to provide real feedback regarding our work to potential new clients, which helps a lot in the process.

“The last step is scalability, our great team and our our own technology help us to scale up business they allow us to train teams on ASO and automate large number of processes.”

According to Garcia, the biggest roadblock facing App Store developers is the platform’s own algorithms.

“Changes made by Apple and Google always affect the entire store, sometimes it benefits and sometimes it hurts the developer. It is important to understand what happens with these changes and continue to improve results.” regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.