Google Play improves support for app bundles and subscriptions

It has also launched Academy for App Success interactive courses for developers

Google Play improves support for app bundles and subscriptions

Google has unveiled a host of new features for Google Play at its developers' Playtime event in Berlin and San Francisco.

Among the updates, Google Play has now improved support for larger Android up bundles. Developers can now submit larger bundles with installed APK sizes of up to 500MB without using expansion files.

Subscriptions, meanwhile, are now being tested with a new pause feature that lets users stop payments temporarily without outright cancelling. Developers can also more easily change subscription pricing without creating a new SKU.

Google Play’s metrics have also been expanded. Developers can now access cumulative data, 30-day rolling average metrics and roll-ups across a range of time periods - all available to download as a configured .csv file.

Instant Action

Elsewhere, Google Play Instant, which lets users play parts of games without downloading them, now includes premium titles and pre-registration campaigns.

Google has also paired the news with the launch of the Academy for App Success. These interactive courses, quizzes and achievements aim to teach developers best practices and understand Google Play’s policies.

Academy is currently available for free in English, with other languages planned to release soon.

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