Revenues at Candy Crush dev King fall by $22m year-on-year

Monthly active users grew to 262 million, however

Revenues at Candy Crush dev King fall by $22m year-on-year

Candy Crush developer King saw revenues fall $22 million to $506 million for the three months ending September 30th 2018.

For the same period the year prior, revenue came in at $528 million.

Profits before interest and taxes, meanwhile, dipped from $208 million to $184 million, which is a $24 million decrease year-on-year.

Parent company Activision Blizzard did, however, stress that monthly active users rose to 262 million.

The publishing giant also pointed out that newly launched Candy Crush Friends Saga reached the top of the iPhone download charts in 93 countries within three weeks.

Sweet business 

Overall, Activision Blizzard posted net revenues of $1.51 billion for the quarter ended September 30, 2018, as opposed to the $1.62 billion made for the third quarter of 2017.

Of that, mobile and ancillary (which are grouped) contributed $523 million, which is 35 per cent of total revenue but a decrease of two per cent on the $534 million made for the same period the year prior.

Total net profit, meanwhile, came in at $260 million as opposed to the $188 million made for the three months ending September 30th 2017.

“Activision Blizzard’s results for Q3 exceeded our prior outlook as we continue to entertain large audiences, drive deep engagement, and attract significant audience investment across our franchises,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

“Our unique advantage continues to be our ability to create the most compelling interactive and spectator entertainment based on our own franchises, combined with our direct digital connection to hundreds of millions of customers, in over 190 countries.

“With these competitive advantages, we continue to connect and engage the world through epic entertainment.”

King head of studio Todd Green and lead producer Sabrina Carmona will be speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects London, which takes place on January 21st to 22nd.

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