Candy Crush Saga was the top grossing mobile game on the US app stores in November

Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Roblox also featured

Candy Crush Saga was the top grossing mobile game on the US app stores in November

King’s Candy Crush Saga, Niantic’s Pokemon Go and Epic Games’ Fortnite were among the top 10 grossing apps in the US for November across iOS and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower.

While the top spot went to Netflix, thanks to an estimated monthly haul of over $43 million, King’s match-three puzzler Candy Crush Saga was not too far behind in second.

A figure for Candy Crush Saga’s monthly intake was not provided, but it was the top grossing game for the month.

Both Netflix and Candy Crush Saga have been unmoved in the top two since January. During that time, Netflix has held first place five months while Candy Crush Saga managed to clinch it for six months.

Elsewhere, Niantic’s Pokemon Go, Epic Games’ Fortnite, Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Roblox featured at fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth respectively.


A slightly different picture is painted however when only iOS performance is considered. Netflix still took the top spot, but Epic Games’ Fortnite comes in at second, with Candy Crush being pushed down to third.

Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions also features in the 10th place.

Regarding Google Play performance, King’s match-three puzzler took the top spot with Pokemon Go coming in at second. Peak Games’ Toon Blast and King's Candy Crush Soda also took seventh and eighth respectively.

Fortnite does not appear on the Google Play list as Epic Games decided to skip the Android storefront, as it viewed the 70/ 30 split as 'disproportionate'. As such this will affect its position on the 'overall revenue' chart.


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