Updated: Behaviour claims Westworld Mobile shutdown unrelated to Bethesda lawsuit

Game to go offline for good on April 16th

Updated: Behaviour claims Westworld Mobile shutdown unrelated to Bethesda lawsuit

Updated 4:20 pm January 29th: Westworld Mobile's shutdown and removal from the app stores is unrelated to Behaviour Interactive's recent lawsuit with Bethesda, according to the game's developer. 

In a statement given to, Behaviour Interactive clarified that it was merely a coincidence. 

"Contrary to some recent speculation, the removal of the Westworld mobile game from the App Store and Google Play was entirely unrelated to the recent settlement with Bethesda," the developer said. 

"The proximity in time of the two events was purely coincidental."

Original Story: The Warner Bros-published Westworld has been removed from app stores following a legal settlement with Bethesda.

The publishers behind Fallout: Shelter and Westworld, both created by developer Behaviour Interactive, have been in a legal dispute for months.

Shutting down

Bethesda accused Behaviour of using licensed code and trade secrets from its work on Fallout Shelter, calling Westworld a “blatant ripoff” in its lawsuit filed in June 2018. At the time, Warner Bros refuted the claims and called the accusations “baseless”.

Just over a week ago, the lawsuit between the two companies was “amicably resolved”, though the meaning of that conclusion was never stated.

Now it appears that one of the terms must have been the closure of Westworld.

The game's Twitter account announced the shutdown this week. The game has been removed from stores and will go offline on April 16th.

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