Lab Cave’s birthday present to its customers is a new Advertising Mediation for Apps tool

Firm claims to offer unbiased, impartial way to mediate ads for mobile apps

Lab Cave’s birthday present to its customers is a new Advertising Mediation for Apps tool

Mobile growth company Lab Cave is celebrating its sixth birthday with the release of a new mediation tool.

Advertising Mediation for Apps is designed to be an impartial and transparent mediation tool for mobile publishers.

The firm states this has added a degree of flexibility unique to its service, letting users access an unbiased set of tools and analytics to work with.

Meditating on Mediation

To head up the new tool, Lab Cave has hired nine-year tech veteran Pedro Miranda as product owner. Miranda comes with a history at firms like Unity Ads, Nokia and Rovio.

“It is a professional challenge to participate in this project in which I fully believe since I trust it has a lot of potential to become a flagship product for those developers who want to monetise their apps and be sure that they will maximise their revenue,” said Miranda.

Mediation dev lead Esteban Vargas added: “We have already tested almost all of the mediators available on the market today and we have been working to offer a solution that is both innovative and practical and in line with market expectations, thus putting the publishers first.

“We are pleased with the product we have created and continue to investigate new ways to optimise our mediator with data-driven decisions and release new features and improvements based on our customers' feedback and market demands.”

Lab Cave has managed an impressive degree of growth in its first six years. As we reported in November, the firm's revenue increased by a staggering 2,000 per cent in five years.

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