Epic Games being sued by musician Leo Pellegrino over dance emote

Fortnite developer has been embroiled in several lawsuits over ownership of dance emotes

Epic Games being sued by musician Leo Pellegrino over dance emote

Epic Games is facing yet another lawsuit over ownership of a dance emote featured in Fortnite.

Baritone saxophonist Leo Pellegrino has accused Epic of using one of his signature moves known as ‘Phone It In’. The move sees players performing with the instrument while dancing around in celebration.

The musician has filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Pennslyvania citing Epic’s unjustified use of his likeness along with profiting from the dance move.

Pellegrino is known for his eccentric dances moves and is part of brass house group Too Many Zooz.

Number of lawsuits

Epic Games has been embroiled in a number of lawsuits of the previous few months concerning in-game dance emotes.

Fresh Prince star Alfonso Riberio unsuccessfully sued Epic for its use of the ‘Carlton’ dance, while former Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley are taking action after the pair claimed to create the ‘Running Man’ dance that appears in Fortnite.

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