The first trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog film was 'interesting'

Gotta watch fast

The first trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog film was 'interesting'

Sonic’s back, and he’s never looked more horrifying.

The trailer for the blue hedgehog’s long-anticipated (feared?) return to the big screen dropped this afternoon. Sonic the Hedgehog is being produced by Blur Studio and Paramount Animation and is being directed by Where the Wild Things Are director Jeff Fowler.

We'll let you judge the trailer (below) by its own merits first:

Reactions to today’s trailer have largely shown disgust at the look of the thing, with a little love reserved for Jim Carrey’s extremely Jim Carrey rendition of venerable villain Dr Robotnik.

We first caught a glimpse of this particular take on Sonic last December, and it doesn't appear the full package has turned opinion around.

It’s the teeth.

It’s not all bad. There’s every chance the flick could be “so bad it’s good,” or even genuinely serviceable. Could it even be a masterpiece?

Sonic has had modest success on mobile, notably through well-made remasters of the Mega Drive classics. There’s even a kart racer coming exclusively through the new Apple Arcade service.

But it’s those old-school players who get a shout-out, with the awkward delivery of “Every hero has a Genesis” (get it?).

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theatres this November.

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