Microsoft digs up Minecraft AR teaser for mobile

More information will be revealed on May 17th

Microsoft digs up Minecraft AR teaser for mobile

Microsoft has released a teaser video for what appears to be a Minecraft augmented reality experience for mobile devices.

The trailer was revealed at the end of the Microsoft’s 2019 keynote showing Minecraft creative director Saxs Persson and an unknown woman mix up phones. This then sees a variety of Minecraft NPCs appear in the real world through the new AR title.

Taking inspiration

From the footage shown it does seem as if the new game will take inspiration from successful AR games such as Pokemon Go.

Considering how much revenue Pokemon Go continues to generate nearly three years after launching, this would be a safe bet to incorporate an on the Go mechanic in some form.

Details regarding the release are currently sparse however more information was confirmed to be unveiled on May 17th, 2019.

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