Sports, Facebook and succeeding in China: Inside Instant Games and Hyper-casual at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle will run from May 13th to 14th

Sports, Facebook and succeeding in China: Inside Instant Games and Hyper-casual at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

With less than a week to go until Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle takes place on May 13th and 14th, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the 10 tracks on offer at the event (plus there's also four tracks over on PC Connects).

In the build-up, we will be looking at one specific track daily to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Today we’re looking at Instant Games and Hyper-casual, which will show how developers how to succeed in the chat app gaming and casual spaces.

The Instant Games and Hyper-casual track is sponsored by Facebook Gaming.

May 14th

09:50 - Starting off the day, we have a keynote from Facebook's strategic partner manager for games Ginger Larsen on how to achieve success in Instant Games on the social network.

10:20 - Nifty Games founder and CEO Jon Middleton and chief creative officer Pete Wanat will then host a talk on how to create enticing sports games with short and fast play times.

10:40 - Following this, Mintegral GM of the Americas Jeff Sue will be giving tips on how to make your hyper-casual game a success in China.

11:00 - Our first panel will see developers discussing real data and fails from working in idle games. Set to appear are Eastside Games co-founder and CEO Josh Nilson, Hyper Hippo Productions president Sam Fisher, Metamoki head of product, monetisation and user acquisition Eiso Kawamoto and Hothead Games director of marketing Oliver Birch.

11:40 - Next up, Knock Knock co-founder and COO Andrew Green will host a session on Instant Games and the future of frictionless, using his experience gained since his first venture-backed consumer technology at the age of 18.

12:00 - Double Coconut CEO David Fox shall then pull back the curtain and look at the mechanics of hyper-casual math revealing how it all works and where quality really matters.

12:20 - Finally we have an exciting panel where the hot topic will be about ‘Instant Games versus Usual Casual Market’. Microsoft program manager Frank Cartwright, Mintegral GM of the Americas Jeff Sue, Nifty Games founder and CEO Jon Middleton and FlowMotion Entertainment CCO Nathan Sellyn will all feature,

These sessions are from just one of the 10 tracks taking place at the show the year.

You can check out our full schedule to see the other impressive speakers attending, though be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the event.

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