nWay to launch new backend platform for real-time multiplayer mobile games

Tech supports game development and live ops

nWay to launch new backend platform for real-time multiplayer mobile games

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars developer nWay is to release a commercial version of its nWayPlay platform to support the development of real-time multiplayer games.

It claims the backend tech will help make development faster and more cost-effective while enabling games to scale through its suite of live ops services.

The platform supports cross-platform accounts so players can take their progress with them across devices, social and matchmaking functionality, and a framework for deploying server infrastructure across 16 regions around the world.

nWayPlay also includes real-time user segmentation and cohorting, the ability to script dynamic offers tailored for users, and various customer service tools such as a mail system.

The company said it will continue to update the platform with new features, which can also be customised by developers for their specific needs.

Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Scaling up

nWay has previously used the tech on its internal projects, including its flagship cross-play mobile and browser game ChronoBlade. That title was developed in nine months and now has more than 50 million downloads and has hosted over 600 million live matches since March 2017.

nWayPlay is currently in beta testing and will launch later this year. The tech is free to use for development, with pricing based on the number of monthly active users on live games.

“Competitive gaming and esports are becoming ever more important,” said nWay CEO said Taehoon Kim.

“A robust online multiplayer game today needs to solve a host of development challenges -- it has to be latency and packet loss tolerant, have crossplay functionality, have good live ops tools and be on a rock solid backend that can scale. This is all very hard to do and requires a lot of server engineering resources to build from scratch.

“We have spent years solving these problems for ourselves, and we are proud to now offer our powerful solution to other developers, enabling them to more cost-effectively bring their best versions of competitive online games to the market.”

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