Google Play introduces new target audience features to make the platform safer for kids

All apps will need to meet the new standards by September 1st 2019

Google Play introduces new target audience features to make the platform safer for kids

Google Play is introducing new policies to make the platform safer for younger users.

Following user and developer input, Google has made adjustments to a number of Google Play policies to ensure that children aren’t being shown inappropriate content and to make sure identifiable information on young users is handled correctly.

These updated policies come in the wake of complaints to the US Federal Trade Commission regarding privacy law violations committed by many apps on Google Play’s shelves.

Keep it clean.

The new policy rules state that developers targeting younger demographics must meet new regulations regarding content and personal identification handling.

Adverts served through apps aimed at kids must be from certified ad networks that have passed compliance checks with Google’s family policies.

“These policy changes build on our existing efforts to ensure that apps for children have appropriate content, show suitable ads, and handle personally identifiable information correctly,” said Google, in a blog post announcing the changes.

“They also reduce the chance that apps not intended for children could unintentionally attract them.”

All new apps will be required to meet these new policy mandates on submission. By September 1st, existing apps will need to fill out the target audience and content forms to ensure they comply with the new rules.

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