Superhot could be making its way to Nintendo Switch

Superhot could be making its way to Nintendo Switch

Slo-mo indie shooter Superhot could well be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking to, Superhot Team's business developer Tomasz Kaczmarczyk said that while the studio has nothing to announce just yet, he said the Polish outfit still has Nintendo's platform to "deal with".

To date, the indie hit has sold over two million copies across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, in addition to copies sold for virtual reality platforms from Oculus, HTC and Sony.

Incidentally, the VR version of the game has shifted more than 800,000 copies and has outstripped the 'regular' Superhot in terms of revenue. Superhot launched in February 2016; the virtual reality version came out in December of that year.

"Very inclusive"

"[PC] is about 40 per cent [of total sales]," Kaczmarczyk said.

"We are doing a lot of sales on consoles, too. We still have Switch to deal with at some point – nothing to announce just yet. Hopefully, once we reach all platforms, we'll be able to very credibly say that the original PC game was excellent but [being on] all of the other platforms and being very inclusive about where people can play Superhot made the difference."

Superhot Team decided to self-publish the game, something which has made its critically acclaimed project that much more lucrative for the Polish studio.

"You are taking more of a risk, but if you're looking at it from just the business and revenue perspective, your core business at this point is porting your game," said Kaczmarczyk.

"If you are making more money on ports, then it's a big, big part of your core business. It feels wrong to give such a big part of your business to someone else who doesn't care that much about your game and who wasn't part of deciding what is going to make it unique and great and make it sell to players."

You can read more about Superhot's success in the full interview over on

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