Yogscast creator Caff dropped amidst harassment allegations

Yogscast creator Caff dropped amidst harassment allegations

YouTuber and streamer Matthew Meredith, known as Caff, has been accused of sexual exploitation of his moderation team as well as a number of fans.

In a statement made within Meredith’s Discord server, moderator Mighty Claw stated that “corroborated and proven evidence has come to light that shows that Caff has been abusing his position as a content creator for at least the last three years to pursue sexual relationships with those he has power and influence over, using his position as a point of coercion and control".

"Sexual motivations"

Mighty Claw added that Meredith had frequently suggested that the mod team hire women, and that the team "now believe in retrospect that his reasons for suggesting these women were to gain additional access to these members in a closer environment to be able to more easily groom them for his sexual motivations”.

In the past three days, the Discord moderation team has reportedly received statements from eight individuals, though the identity of the individuals has been kept private. The entire mod team for Meredith’s Discord server has quit, stating that “we cannot stand complicit in support of Caff". has the full story.

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