RemoteMyApp is launching a public beta for a new cloud gaming service

Its own app has been downloaded 10 million times

RemoteMyApp is launching a public beta for a new cloud gaming service

Cloud gaming company RemoteMyApp has revealed it is launching a public beta for a cloud gaming service.

The users of a world-leading telephone company will get free access to test the streaming platform. Over 100 games across various genres from a broad range of developers and publishers will be available in the beta.

The Polish company provides cloud game solutions to both telephone companies and internet service providers.

RemoteMyApp’s own applications

RemoteMyApp has its own cloud streaming application known as It has been downloaded over 10 million times since its inception in 2017. The app allows games to be played across a variety of devices including TV, PC and mobiles.

Prior to Vortex the company launched Remotr in 2014, an at-home streaming service for Android and iOS.

“Cloud gaming is finally here and actually happening, with great support from the biggest and finest Telco players in the world,” said RemoteMyApp CEO Andreas Hestbeck.

“We are honored to be participating in the fast transition within the gaming industry and look very much forward to see how this new chapter for RemoteMyApp will unfold, starting with our partner's announcement at Gamescom 2019.”

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