Apple delays rule changes to data tracking and advertisement in children’s apps

Apple delays rule changes to data tracking and advertisement in children’s apps

Apple has delayed its rule changes to children's apps in its store.

The company spoke to The Washington Post, revealing the push back is due to giving developers more time. Initially announced at WWDC in June, the new rules were being enforced next month.

Kids' apps in the App Store will be prevented from using external analytics software and have restrictions put in place for advertisement. Offering better protection for children using Apple's storefront.

"We aren't backing off on this important issue, but we are working to help developers get there," Apple's Fred Sainz said.

"Generally, we have heard from them that there is widespread support for what we are trying to do to protect kids."

Developer concerns

Developers are expressing concern for its business, believing Apple to be exerting too much power. Hindering companies that have done nothing wrong and are complying with privacy policies.

Gerald Youngblood created Tankee, an app alternative to YouTube through the help of privacy experts and lawyers. Apple’s new rules could impact the apps ability to use ads as a means to remain free-to-use.

“We thought they were going to shut down these apps that are ignoring privacy and targeting kids,” said Youngblood to The Washington Post.

“We were built with privacy as a foundation.”

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