Nintendo files lawsuit against ROM website RomUniverse

Switch creator is seeking up to $2 million for each trademark infringement

Nintendo files lawsuit against ROM website RomUniverse

Nintendo of America has filed a lawsuit against ROM website owners RomUniverse.

As reported by Polygon, the case which was filed on September 10th, 2019 will pursue damages of $150,000 for each copyright infringement, alongside $2 million for every trademark infringement.

On top of this, Nintendo claims RomUniverse has been profiting from the unauthorised distribution of games from the firm via a premium membership.

The membership costs $30 a year and allows users to download “an unlimited number of ROMs with higher speeds than non-members”.

800,000 games

According to the lawsuit, nearly 500,000 Nintendo 3DS Games have been downloaded via the site, as well as close to 300,000 Nintendo Switch games.

Nintendo has been clamping down on piracy recently, with the firm earlier this week winning a UK High Court case forcing internet providers to block access to websites that enable Switch game piracy.

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