Player segmentation the best way to get “most bang for your buck” when monetising

So says Unity Ads' Ilya Kuznetsov at Unite Copenhagen 2019

Player segmentation the best way to get “most bang for your buck” when monetising

Player segmentation is the best way to get the “most bang for your buck” when monetising, according to Unity Ads client partner Ilya Kuznetsov.

This was the message given at Kuznetsov’s session at this year’s Unite Copenhagen 2019, all regarding tips and tricks to utilise when building your free-to-play mobile game

Gathering more data than you need was also highlighted, with developers able to make use of numerous KPIs available through this information. Key examples given were average session times, storefront clicks and ad interaction.

Next to this, A/B testing and the balance of advertisement and IAP monetisation were mentioned as important factors to consider when developing for your audience.

Behavioural economics

The economics of player behaviour featured heavily throughout, with example case studies of users shown for Playrix’s Gardenscapes and Boombit’s Tanks a Lot.

According to this thesis, every player can be broken down into four types of spenders: Casual Spenders, Competitive Spenders, Casual Budgeters and Competitive Budgeters

“Any new content released - a new update, new heroes or levels - these players will buy this to make sure they are ahead of the others”, said Kuznetsov when referring to competitive players.

Creating a personalised experience for each specific player type merged into Kuznetsov’s core loop of driving progression, driving challenge to ultimately drive the game economy.

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