Casual mobile game dev MadBox raises $17 million

100 million downloads and counting

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 21st, 2019 investment MadBox $16.7m
Casual mobile game dev MadBox raises $17 million

French company MadBox has raised $16.7 million (€15 million) in a Series A funding round led by Alven.

The company was founded in July 2018 and consists of more than 30 employees in its Paris-based office.

However, with its new funding MadBox is planning to set up shop in Barcelona with a second office.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, the company’s CEO Jean-Nicolas Vernin explained: “We are a generation of friends who have worked for well-known casual game studios.

"And we all think that big game productions will have to become simpler so that people can play them like casual games - and vice versa.”

Creating a library

Having launched several games in its first year, the mobile games company has seen its title’s installed 100 million times within its first year.

Since launching its first game Dash Valley last year, MadBox has released a small catalogue of mobile games; Idle Zoo Tycoon, Stickman Hook, Golf Race, Sausage Flip, Car Crash, Stickman Snow Ride, Stickman Riders and Idle Ball Race.

Three of its free-to-download titles have cracked into the top 10 charts in the US.

The funding will be used to aid in the development of future titles, as the company aims to tackle a variety of mobile games.

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