Big Run Studios gains funding for its partnership with Skillz

Exclusive games planned

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October 22nd, 2019 Big Run Studios
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Big Run Studios gains funding for its partnership with Skillz

Big Run Studios has secured funding for its new partnership with real-money skill-based competition platform Skillz.

Andrew Bell, CEO of Big Run Studios founded the company in May 2019. He previously worked for Zynga, Warner Bros and LucasArts. 

To-date, it's released two games - Blackout Blitz and Big Run Solitaire. 

“Our ultimate goal is to bring together players of all backgrounds through mobile gaming, the most accessible and affordable form of entertainment available for mass audiences worldwide,” said Bell.

“Modern game development requires monetization strategies that compliment player motivation. Skillz aligns revenue models with the player experience, so game makers like us can build successful businesses doing what we love.

“Our investors recognized the promising upside of taking an inclusive, audience-first approach to building games exclusively on the Skillz platform. Big Run is inspired by Skillz, which is driving the future of interactive entertainment by connecting millions of people through fair competition and a positive player experience.”

Growing sector

“Andrew Bell has built some of the most popular mobile games in the world, and now he’s partnering with Skillz to tap into the most prolific market for mass media entertainment,” said Skillz CEO and founder, Andrew Paradise.

“Big Run Studios’ mission to create engaging content for diverse audiences worldwide aligns with our vision of adding every kind of game to our platform.

"Together, we’re empowering every player to find competitive and entertaining games they love to play, practice, and can turn into a lifelong sport – just like running, skiing, or any other skill-based activity.”

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