American Dad! Apocalypse Soon out now

Defend your home from aliens

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon out now

My.Games has released the first American Dad mobile game

The game - American Dad! Apocalypse Soon - has been launched on iOS and Android devices.

A new story was written in collaboration with the writers of the show.

Apocalypse soon features RPG elements, offering a vast array of customisation. You all also have control of the entire Smith family.

Pick up various weapons from around the family home - plasma guns, baseball bats, raccoon wands, and electric machine guns - as you prepare to do battle with the invading aliens.

As with many mobile titles, the game features a PvE campaign on a multiplayer mode to compete against other players.

“Capture the spirit”

“We’re delighted to launch American Dad! Apocalypse Soon with the Fox team,” said the head of Fast Forward Studio at My.Games, Ivan Fedyanin.

“Our goal was to capture the spirit of the series in a fun, accessible game, that combines what we love most about RPG and Strategy. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

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