IronSource releases automated adtech LevelPlay so game devs can earn more with less work

It’s time to flatten your waterfall

IronSource releases automated adtech LevelPlay so game devs can earn more with less work

Israeli monetisation outfit IronSource has announced the launch of its in-game bidding adtech LevelPlay.

Already in use by the likes of Playgendary, Ilyon and Gismart, LevelPlay enables developers to optimise the value of their game ad inventory by allowing networks and buyers to simultaneously bid on each available impression.

The technology supports third party networks including AdColony and Tapjoy, with more in the process of being integrated.

And because it automates the bidding process, it also significantly reduces operational overheads for developers.

Now is the time

“2019 is the year of in-app bidding, and we’ve seen the industry take great strides in technological readiness and adoption,” said IronSource’s VP product developer solutions Nimrod Zuta.

“We’re excited to be launching our solution at a time when the industry is primed to enjoy the benefits of in-app bidding, and to debut a product which is built from the ground up with the needs of a game developer constantly at the forefront”.

You can find out more about LevelPlay via the IronSource website.

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Božo Janković
It will be interesting to see if ironSource joining the race with its own in-app bidding solution speeds up the industry's transition from traditional waterfall-based mediation. This also increases the competition among the new generation of mediators, since in the previous generation of mediation solutions, ironSource kind of positioned itself as a leader in the industry in the last year and a half.

So far, several companies have released their solutions MoPub (Advanced Bidding), Fyber (FairBid), Appodeal (Parallel Bidding) but we still haven't seen big gaming companies shifting. The only exception might be Rovio, which, according to publicly available info has moved more than 90% of its inventory to bidding (but truth be told, they developed their own bidding solution which not many companies will be able or willing to afford).

In-app bidding has been the buzz word in 2017, 2018. and 2019. but hopefully, the next year brings the fundamental changes and reduces the overhead for Ad Monetization Managers who are spending many hours every week trying to outsmart the algorithms with manual optimization. :)